Clarius Mobile Health

Clarius HD offers ultraportable handheld ultrasound designed for Emergency Medicine. Wireless and app-based, Clarius handheld scanners deliver a high definition ultrasound image you can trust on your iOS and Android devices.

•Ideal for quick exams to make better decisions about patients in critical condition
•Helps differentiate among causes of dyspnea, shock, chest pain, cardiac arrest
•Enables quick diagnosis of a pneumothorax or internal hemorrhage
•Easy infection control with no wires to clean, encase Clarius in a sterile bag
•Waterproof and fully immersible, Clarius is IP67 rated for high level disinfection
•Facilitates fast consults with expert colleagues using one-touch telemedicine

No annual fees ⬤ Free Clarius Cloud storage ⬤ Unlimited users ⬤ 7-day money back guarantee

“Clarius image quality is comparable to any of the carts that we use in the emergency department, with the benefit of the handheld applicability and integrating into my personal smartphone. Being able to drop the price point and deliver this cart-based system in a small pocket-sized device at an affordable price point, combined with the ease of use, that’s is a real game changer” - Dr. Oron Frenkel, Emergency Physician
Product type: Echography, Imaging, Diagnostic, Telemedicine, Infection prevention

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